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A Partnership Between University of Michigan's Top Entrepreneurship Organizations

StartUM Entrepreneurship

Michigan's Only Student-Run Startup Incubator

We believe that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is by doing. StartUM is a startup incubator where you work through every step of the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to funding. For over two decades, we have coached teams through the four key phases of startup development. From ideation workshops to StartUM grants for founders, we take you through every step of the startup journey.

Check out some of the companies that have graduated our cohorts below.


Maximize Solutions LLC

Maximize is a peer-to-peer platform that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a give-first community and tool-kit that helps them save time and money while creating quality companies of the future.

Mission: To elevate the entrepreneurial experience and help individuals and businesses maximize their success.

Vision: Unite entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Our Future

Our Future is the Go-To Business Podcast and Media Brand For Gen Z

Our Future is the first business podcast designed for the modern young professional. Three times a week, get exclusive industry insights and career advice from business legends, students pursuing their dream careers, and young entrepreneurs to unlock your future in short, high-energy episodes hosted by 21 year-old University of Michigan student Michael Sikand.

Listen to learn from:

  • C-Suite business leaders from your favorite brands like Chipotle, Vans, TikTok, Peloton, and more…
  • Legendary founders from companies like Honest Tea, Spikeball, KAYAK, Quizlet, Morning Brew, and more…
  • Young people starting innovative companies and landing jobs at companies like McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Instagram, Bloomingdale’s, and more…